ben 14 london i like drawing, reading and indie bands :)
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🙈 your under the sea drawings were so cute along wit the rest of your blog omfg ily


aw thanks ily :)

Your drawings are a package of adorableness, oh my gosh. ^-^ I wish I was good as cartooning as you are. I can only do realistic drawings and sketches. D: Maybe one day I can draw like you. :D


aw thank you this is so cute ily :)<3

wow I love ur blog and u omg


aw thanks ily too <33

ur art is beautiful and the fact that people are mean to you genuinely makes me cry im sorry the world sucks


aw thank you your so cute 

Your blog is great and your art is super cute and lightens up my day, ignore any comments that say the opposite.


thanks so much your super cute :p

that thing u call "my art" it's fucking shit mate. It's not art. sorry.



v curious about what you look like, please may we see?


maybe soon idk ?

under the sea stuff :)

I always wonder who you think about when you draw? there so amazing. xo


aw this is the sweetest message <33

that anon hater was so rude your blog is awsome ok


aw thanks ily<3

Ur blogs shit lol like can u not


omg go away

there were these super cute plants growing on some moss at hamstead heath :)
i drew some cute rabbits and cats :p

heyy :)

i’m gonna start posting my art again on my blog and i’ll also start posting some of my photography, yay :))